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I’m going to be at FANIME!!! (San Jose, May 23-26, 2014)




animated version here. do not re-post without my permission. 

Are you ready?



A little late, but I loved seeing everyone’s Sailor Moon pieces for the recent QPop gallery, so I had to do a little fanart. 

This is awesome!!!


I’ll probably do something with this eventually, kinda wanna do a few Sailor Moon fanart pieces with the reboot coming soon~



Ryann’s BMW E28 with Final Stage’s Sailor Moon Itasha




Mamoru, Usagi, Chibiusa and Selene put in a line please, I'll take a photo of you cuties *smiles*


"Thank you!"


"Luna’s Search". Digital Fanart. And Lineart.

I always liked Sailor Moon’s hair white rather than yellow :)

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You are not alone. 

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So, I'm not as familiar with the manga as I am the anime. And I was wondering the the Senshi have new attacks and transformation pens in the Stars Arc? And also, if(hopefully it will) the new anime gets to the point of the Stars arc,do you think we could expect to see the transformation sequences for the Senshi and a new one for Sailor Moon?

(I’m so sorry this is so late >.< )

In the manga last arc the Sailor Senshi achieve Eternal form. This form has the least amount of variation and uniqueness between them, and they do not get new attacks. The only attacks they get that could be “New” are when they end up brainwashed and have “Galacita” attacks.

As for the anime, I really would LOVE to see all the variations of the transformations, with hopefully more of the original components to the senshi’s transformations. I think that it’s much more likely to see something completely different from what the original anime had.


What episode does Usagi become Sailor Cosmos? Or movie?

The anime deviated from the original storyline of the manga. In the Manga, this happened in the last arc, but in the anime, Chibi Chibi was not actually Sailor Cosmos but a starseed of Galaxia. We see a Vague Sailor Cosmos figure but nothing 100% confirmed.



Perfect early bday brunch! So in love with the Sailor Moon cake that mylifeinpizza made me!♥