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Tada! I just fell in love with this image of Mamo-chan! So I cleaned it up and cropped it, and NOW, I want you to Caption this! I will leave this open for today (and maybe tomorrow) and the funniest caption wins a personal manga coloring from me (from any manga they want, not just Sailor Moon)! So what do you think this should say?

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  7. ellikay23 answered: I can do without the cape and mask for tonight, right, Usako?
  8. miss-onee-chan answered: Usagi, I know you and I are close so I’m sure you will understand this. I’m gay. -pops opens wine bottle- Ah that feels better. Want a drink?
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  10. trecool234 answered: I don’t always drink, but when I do I look like a handsome devil
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  13. ch0psueyy answered: shaken ….not stirred. HAH
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  15. el-lanzador-verde answered: Oh I’m sorry but Elphaba’s just slayed me
  16. endymionandserenity answered: Any one up for drinks?
  17. chu-dokidoki answered: I may not make bank like Batman, but Brucey can’t touch my swag.
  18. thewhitemoonfamily answered: How about we celebrate….Chiba Usagi? <3
  19. elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey answered: you know you want to make a pink-haired princess with me tonight
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