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+ My wedding photos >.> all 300+ of them

I’m afraid I haven’t sorted them, so they aren’t all good or flattering or pretty sooo… yeah. ^^


  1. ryuaka said: They are Lovely. Bless you and your Marriage.
  2. mangakachan said: You look beautiful! <3 Congratulations again, and glad you had fun despite the craziness in the past 2 weeks. ^^
  3. trecool234 said: Those are lovely pictures, I had no idea you were married, congratulations! I hope you have a great future together :3
  4. thescentofwhiteroses said: OMG YOUR DRESS IS GORGEOUS. AND YOU LOOK SO PRETTY
  5. cheerlubber said: beautiful dress!! you look wonderful! congratulations!
  6. zomgenius said: You look beautiful! ^u^ Congrats on your wedding~
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