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Sailor Moon Crystal || Character Design Introductions 3 of 10:

  » Sailor Mars

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Sailor Mars!  And with that, I have put both prints and the originals up for sale in my etsy and storenvy shops.  

Originals at my etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/ElectricAbyss) and prints on my storenvy (http://heidiblack.storenvy.com/)  also feel free to contact me directly if you are interested.


So i saw people were taking screencaps from shows and redrawing them in their style so i thought i’d try it out too ^__^.  the screencap is from sailor moon’s first opening :).


Is there a trace,
inside her face,

of a Lonely Miracle?


Probably the last one of these I’ll do for a bit. Mars was a lot harder to finish than Mercury was ;m; I could get the sense of the structure, but I found it difficult to fill the blank spaces. Anyway, a few fun facts: The flowers are, of course, Casablanca lilies; Mars’ crown is loosely based on a garnet/ruby crown belonging to Queen Victoria, which was a gift to her from Albert; the Phobos-Deimos Castle at the bottom was inspired by the Phobos Monolith- a large pyramid-ish stone structure in an otherwise flat landscape on Phobos. I wish Naoko had drawn the castles for the Inner Senshi too. The designs are really interesting. Venus’ Magellan castle is very simple compared to the Outers’ castles, so I kept my attempt at Phobos Deimos castle quite simple too. I like to think that maybe for the Inner Senshi,  the castles were more like look-out/communications posts, where as for the Outers, they had more of a residential function, so that’s why. 

Edit: Bumping this to the front of the queue because- it’s my 100th post! I’ve only been Tumblr’ing since May and my tumblr is yet only a wee thing, but I’ve stuck at this longer than I have most things. :) here’s to the next 100 posts!

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she is our reason for life

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So there’s this fad going around the Tumblrs where people take an anime screencap and re-draw it in their own style.  And so here’s my very lazy and messy contribution, using Sailor Moon of course.  

Rei’s face is perf <3

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Princess Sailor Mars

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