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"Love & Beauty Shock"

The soldier of love and beauty delights in eye-popping color and staggering style. When it comes to fashion she likes to be daring, always willing to try anything once! Drawn to bright and beautiful colors like gold, orange and yellow that make her stand out from the crowd, this goddess can make a statement in a ballgown or a t-shirt. Her signature item is her hair bow, but she’s not afraid to mix it up with her gorgeous blonde locks.

Part of La Soldier, an original series by name-of-the-moon

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I drew Sailor Moon ponies today. :T The names I gave them were:

Mercury: Aqua Shine (sure stretched my brain there)
Jupiter: Thunder Crash (gosh so creative)
Venus: Heart Song
Mars: Spirit Blaze
Moon: Mooncake

Ta da!

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I’m up way too late and watching an R episode for my next Favourite Rei Ep write-up. (Well I WAS. Then it was this post and then it’s bed, so good job, me.)

I really appreciate these two contrasting images of Minako in the opening titles of the Doom Tree arc. She, along with the rest of the Inners, each get two shots: one in regular form, one in Senshi.

For the most part they’re pretty standard. The camera zooms to them, they look up and smile. Mako’s is particularly great because she looks so ticked then it’s like, “Oh, hey, it’s you!” and she smiles. Super cute.

Minako just looks puzzled by the whole thing though. Her face in the first cap is what you’re left with, like she’s surprised to even be here.

I’ve done some fairly extensive talking about the opening sequences before (mostly for S). They’re really fascinating to get into because they’re meant to introduce you to the show and the characters in a very short space of time. They specifically crafted to condense complicated ideas into a second or two so that the first-time viewer isn’t going in completely cold.

So opening titles are particularly fascinating when it comes to how characters are represented, What do the creators spend their precious few frames on? What are the ideas they want to implant in your brain about that character, however subtly?

For Minako in the first sequence, it’s that she’s kind of scatterbrained. She’s chatting to Artemis when we first see her, which makes her the only one out of the four to be interacting with someone. She’s the friendliest of the bunch, is the implication. But she’s also the only one who, when she sees “you”, doesn’t seem to know what the hell is going on. She’s not quite all there, it seems, not like the others.





But then we get to the Senshi part of the Inners sequence, and Minako now stands out in a different way. All the Senshi are ready for action, but smiling. (Well except Mars, kind of, who also stands out as the only one of the four whose Senshi picture is a static image and doesn’t move, but that’s perhaps a post for another time.) Venus though, the tone she conveys is completely different:





Venus isn’t looking at “you”, she’s scowling at something in the distance. She thrusts her arms out and shouts. She’s bold and commanding. You can all but hear her yelling orders.

Those two images, the wide-eyed surprised girl and the fearless decisive leader, are equally and perfectly Minako. I love that this opening felt that the important thing for the new viewer to take away about Minako was the idea that she was BOTH.


Sailor Idols @ Fanime 2013!

Minako Aino - Sparkle Pipsi (me!)
Rei Hino - DaydreamerNessa

Photos by Darkain Multimedia

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Sailor Venus practice

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This is awesome!!!

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Okay for my Anon!





I am now on a computer so I will link you up to probably the biggest selection of V-chan items known to the world.

Obviously…not to be all conceited…but I’ve had this blog for a super long time now, and believe it or not before the whole becoming a teacher thing, I used to be a pretty decent blog owner xD. Anyways, I made lots of screen shots, which I either tagged with Venus or Minako. You may have to go a few pages back, there’s a lot…:P


Theses or a lot of my friends or really awesome Sailor Moon blogs that I know I’ve reblogged tons from or have seen a lot of Venus stuff from and the links to their Venus tags. I’m not trying to leave people out! I just know these blogs make V-chan things! 







Like I said this is just a list of people I know make a lot of Venus stuff, please feel free to reblog and add more!! 

Oh I have a Sailor Venus tag & Minako Aino tag on my blog if that’s what you’re looking for?

I have a tag called “All hail Minako” so if you want to take a look at bamfy Minako moments feel free to check that out too! It’s a mix of canons, mostly anime and PGSM but some manga and Myu mixed in.

I’m a HUGE Mina fangirl (she’s been my avatar for two years), so you can check out my tags!

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This is one of the best things ever.

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