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I am still at a loss of words when it comes to how kind you all are to me. I’ve had this blog about a year and a half now, and very very rarely do I have problems with any one. You all are so kind and supportive of me and my blog.

I wanted to do something super special for my blog to thank you all for 5,200+ followers. So have some super special art made by me.

Image by me, reference from [x]

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I purchased these two necklaces today! The top one I will be keeping, but the bottom one will be going to be given away  at the Galaxy Cauldron Forums (members only)

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I Will Protect My Mother’s Legacy - A Sailor Moon Painting  || by:simplysailormoon

It was a new moon. The sky was cloudy and void of light from Earth’s natural protector. That’s when it struck. The darkest of shadows falling across the land, leaving the Royal Court and it’s senshi blind sided by it’s quickness. Never had an enemy struck so fast, and with so little warning….

With the Amazon Senshi torn, depleted, and fading, the new Queen, not yet a year past her mother’s passing, was left alone. Her body bloody, bruised, and beaten almost into the ground, she pulled forth what strength was left, calling to the bright light with in her. Her mother’s memory, her love for Helios, her devotion to her guardians…. she would never give up.

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Happy Kitty… Mad Kitty! By simplysailormoon

based on this

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Swept Away - A Sailor Moon Painting by simplysailormoon

Painted in Adobe CS5 Photoshop using basic brushes, smudge tool, and eraser tool.

Took 2 hours to paint.

Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi

Rei imagines a world in which she isn’t a senshi…

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What have I Done - by simplysailormoon

Painted in Adobe CS5 Photoshop using basic brushes, smudge tool, and eraser tool.

Took 5 hours to paint.

In which Cosmos fails to find the strength to keep on living, and destroys the Galaxy Cauldron.

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