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She is the one named Sailor Moon {by}

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Sailor Moon Crystal || Character Design Introductions 1 of 10:

  » Usagi Tsukino

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I drew Sailor Moon ponies today. :T The names I gave them were:

Mercury: Aqua Shine (sure stretched my brain there)
Jupiter: Thunder Crash (gosh so creative)
Venus: Heart Song
Mars: Spirit Blaze
Moon: Mooncake

Ta da!

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I will be strong, I promise... I'm alright... By myself...

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Read right to left.

Comic by Cockpit.  Translated by Sailor Scribbles.







Translator’s Note: Surgical masks are common to wear when you have a cold in Asia to avoid spreading airborne germs.  Also, I believe Mamoru’s last comment is in reference to a Japanese proverb/superstition that fools can’t catch colds. …probably implying that he lost his cold from being stupid as well :D


My lovely Usagi.

…And the poor Umino :’)

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Fanfic: Realization

Title: Realization

Sailor Moon AU: In a world with no senshi powers, and Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship progress with out the influence of the past. Pre-couple stage, adorable awkwardness. Fluff.

Words: 3100+

Rating: K

AN: Literally something that popped into my head, nothing really special, just something I wanted to do.


It had only been a day since he had last seen her. It had been a typical fist shaking, jaw clenching, shouting match type of greeting with a typical angry blush from her and a chuckle from him kind of parting. Mamoru sighed quietly to himself, then glanced at his watch before he caught himself. He had been doing that a lot lately. Telling himself that he was just busier lately led to another sigh and a defeated head shake. Who was he kidding, he knew it was because it was nearing time for school to release and Meatball head would be walking home. Over the past few days he had begun to slowly realize that he in fact liked his daily meetings, and if he was secretly being honest with himself, he had gone out of his way to make sure they continued and slowly let them become part of his routine.

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I fell in love with Babs Moon illustration as soon as I saw it… So I decided to make a fanart of it (It’s a kind of Inception fanart… A fanart of another fanart…) But well I just couldn’t help myself… It’s a kickass Usagi u know! So here is my Badass Sailor Moon (It’s not as good as Babs… but well… She is awesome… and can also draw motorbikes….Iol)

Ah! and let’s credit Naoko Takeuchi as well…  Silly me!

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